Chevrolet Camaro a.k.a Yellow Steam Hammer by O.CT-Tuning


O.CT-Tuning do not like to beat around the bush. That’s what evident by this example – it’s a Chevrolet Camaro (The Yellow Steam Hummer, they’ve called it) that has no obvious signs of modifications. That doesn’t come as a big surprise, since O.CT-Tuning are apparently renown for their expertise on compressor modifications. Many of their subjects have in fact been Chrysler SRT-8 models. Now it’s time to move on a bigger scale. Why not a genuine Transformer. Bring in more power!

By “modifying” the forced induction system (supercharger), the power of the Camaro can go up from 602 hp and 682 Nm of torque to 630 hp and 730 Nm of rotque. Easy stuff for the compressor wizzards at O.CT-Tuning but we can’t help but thinking – won’t those tires shred themselves as soon as you put your foot down. 100 Nm of torque is like having an additional Smart car under the hood…that’s been infected with rabies

The one thing that complements the enhancement, is the exhaust system. Still very subtle but there nevertheless. Not trying to burst your year drums at low revs, evoking the gods of thunder when you approach the read line – that’s what this is all about. Apart from that, nothing else has been changed. That’s the point when it comes to the Transformers – they need to blend… despite that this is an yellow Chevrolet Camaro we are talking about but hey, that’s Hollywood.

It’s worth noting, that the power tweaking is staged – you can have a little bit more or a whole lot more. To avoid any legal issues or personal worries, genuine documentation is also provided – a certificate of technical inspection and a DTC certificate. Thus, even the scrutinizing law of Switzerland cannot deem this vehicle unfit for road use.

SOURCE = O.CT – Tuning 

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