New Volvo FH series


Ten trucks from the new Volvo FH series will be on show at IAA in Hannover in September, as well as a range of new components such as the I-Torque driveline and Volvo Trucks’ first Euro 6 engine. Visitors will get an up-close look at what makes the new Volvo FH and Volvo FH16 set a new bar for trucks globally.

The new, completely re-designed Volvo FH series includes world-first innovations to save fuel while improving handling, ergonomics and safety. All the top new features will be displayed in separate focus areas including Fuel efficiency, Workplace, Design, Handling, Space, Accommodation, Safety, Security, Loading and Uptime. Trucks, components, spectacular videos and interactive features will help visitors explore every aspect of the new trucks.

“At Volvo Trucks we are naturally very proud and excited to be able to show the public our new trucks for the first time. The new Volvo FH series represents many years of hard work and innovation,” says Claes Nilsson, President Volvo Trucks. “The result is top-notch engineering and design, all aimed at increasing productivity and fuel economy and attracting the very best drivers.”

First Euro 6 offer
The product line-up on display includes Volvo Trucks’ first Euro 6 engine. It is a 13-litre 460 hp engine, Volvo’s most popular truck powerplant, which has been further improved to meet the tough Euro 6 standards. Compared with today’s Euro 5 standard, nitrogen oxide emissions drop by nearly 80 per cent and particulate emissions have been halved.

Technical innovations that improve fuel economy
The new Volvo FH is designed to save fuel, and a number of components that help do so will be highlighted. Such innovations include Volvo I-Torque, a new driveline which delivers no less than 2800 Nm of torque from low engine revs, resulting in excellent driveability and quiet operation. The I-Torque system’s high power output is developed thanks to two key components – the new D13 Euro 6 engine and a new dual-clutch version of the automated I-Shift transmission. The new gearbox is called I-Shift 2. With this unit, Volvo Trucks is the first manufacturer to install a dual-clutch automated transmission in a heavy duty truck.

I-Torque reduces fuel consumption by up to four per cent. Meanwhile I-See, a software package for the I-Shift transmission, stores information about hill gradients. Operating like an autopilot the I-See and I-Shift systems take over gear changing to save fuel on slopes. Working together the I-Torque driveline, I-See and other fuel-saving components such as a clutchable air compressor help cut fuel consumption by up to ten per cent, corresponding to 4100 litres of fuel a year for the average long haul truck.

Superior handling
The world’s first heavy truck with Individual Front Suspension (IFS) is on display: a Volvo FH 4×2 tractor with a 500 hp 13-litre engine. With IFS the front wheels have individual suspension, resulting in steadier, more stable progress on the road. IFS is coupled with rack and pinion steering, which means that the wheels respond immediately – which in turn improves the feeling of control and road contact. IFS is also shown as a separate component.

The new cab – more space and comfort
One change that will be visible to everyone at the Hannover show is the new Volvo FH series’ unmistakable profile, where the truck looks like it is in motion. This impression is created by the lines and shapes of the cab panels, for example the upper edge of the wheel housing, which is angled forward and downward. Another major design change is the A-pillars, which are now more upright, making the Volvo FH cab more spacious than before. The new interior is a whole cubic metre larger, allowing an extra 300 litres of storage space and increased standing height inside.

In the new Volvo trucks, drivers can be both more comfortable and more productive. At the stand, visitors can see the re-crafted interior at first hand, through a split cab, and examine the hundreds of technical and design features that make the new Volvo FH stand out as a place for efficient work.

Visitors can also see how the new cab can be a place for relaxation and leisure time. The FH series’ uncluttered functional design with its subtly “Scandinavian” interior allows truck drivers to rest and relax. The bunk bed has been widened to 815 mm and new mattresses have been introduced.

Volvo FH16 – meets extra high demands
The Volvo FH16, Volvo’s strongest truck with a 16-litre engine producing a full 750 hp and 3550 Nm torque, is being displayed both as a 4×2 standard tractor and as an 8×4 heavy

hauler. The Volvo FH16 has for many years been the first choice for hauliers with extra high demands on performance, efficiency, power and comfort – and the new version takes this performance to a whole new level.

Safest Volvo truck ever
With a wide range of technical systems that minimise accidents and a strong structure that protects the driver and other occupants on impact, the new Volvo FH is also the safest Volvo ever built. The new Volvo has been tested over 1,000 times in computer simulations as well as 20 times in full-scale tests.

A crash-tested Volvo FH will be on site at the IAA. It withstood a collision test corresponding to a common highway collision with a stationary object. Many features and functions have been redesigned to provide maximum visibility and contribute to improved driver view and control. Among the new features are bigger windows, a redesigned instrument panel and slimmer rear-view mirrors, which all help reduce the risk of collisions.


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